Codex Research Sources

Codex of Money Research Sources

The Codex of Money was written with research from scholarly peer reviewed journals. The resources listed below are a portion of the Codex Research material studied to produce the findings in the Codex of Money.

The book is written in plain language with minimal technical jargon usage; in layman’s terms it is easy to read and understand. Therefore in text citations were not used within the Codex of Money text.

The journal articles listed for the Codex research make arguments for and against the theories within the Codex of Money.

This article list includes the scholarly studies and published material used for the Codex of Money research. For more information, please see what is the Codex of Money? (link, use as search term)

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Zimmerman, B. (2008). Goal setting: A key proactive source of academic self-regulation. Motivation and self-regulated learning, ed., 267-295.

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