Codex of Money FAQ

What is “The Codex of Money”?

The Codex of Money is a marketing strategy using a quantitative money formula based on mathematics and universal law. 

It works off of basic marketing strategies derived from using a mathematical formula that when applied correctly, the formula cannot help but make money (don’t worry, you do not have to be a math genius).

Number one question; "Is this a scam promotion?"

No, this is a legal marketing technique and formula that is used by companies large and small every day.

Is this another “Secret” to internet riches? No; this formula is over 100 years old, but with technology today and everybody trying to re-invent the wheel, it has gotten lost in time. That is to everyone but the super rich who apply it every day.

Making money is easy once you know what is the Codex of Money. It is also not hard to apply, and you can do it with just the marketing strategies and knowledge you will acquire. 

This is also NOT a “buy this program, promote this program” offer, it teaches you “niche” marketing, and there are plenty of niches and sub niches to choose from. Most importantly, you will have the formula to make money off of these niches very quickly.

Do I guarantee you will make money? No; I cannot personally guarantee anyone's success, that would be just plain ludicrous. "you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink."

I can and will say this much; if you apply the money making strategies in the Codex of Money e-book, you will make money, and very quickly. 

If you just read and study the marketing strategies, it can change your life, if only through the theory of cognitive learning (yes, I study psychology too). Check the "about" page, you can learn all about me. I have nothing to hide.

What interests you? You can make money off of it. You do not have to be a Rock Star to make money in the music industry for example.

Why is it so cheap? 
It is designed to help the everyday struggling person get ahead with minimal cost. Always give more in “use value” than you receive in "cash value" for your products or services. As Wallace D. states in his book, "if you practice and apply this science you will get rich."

Will the market get over run if too many people buy this course and put this into practice? 
No, if that were the case, major corporations would have put themselves out of business long ago. 

Here’s an interesting fact; we are not out of money people, that is a lie propagated by those that wish to keep you enslaved by keeping you broke. It is the oldest scam in the book, fear mongering, and if you truly believe it, you will always be broke.

Who can do this? 
Anyone with the desire to make money

Do I need an internet connection? No, this can be done from any computer or without a computer

Do I need a website or blog? No, this formula can be applied on or off line.

Can I get a refund? This is a downloaded digital product, so no refunds can be made. If you feel that you might want a refund on $3.49, please do not buy this product. 

Fact; not everyone has the drive, discipline, or persistence to become rich, but the good news is; we are not predisposed to any circumstance by genetics, culture, or environment. 

That is another lie that has been proven wrong time and again by those who have made it out of poverty and oppression. Ultimately we make our own destiny by the choices we make, or do not make.

I hope I have answered your questions, please feel free to leave a comment. I also moderate for spam.

Thank you,
R. Baith

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